Design and Fabrication


Create smooth-surface prototypes, master patterns, large concept models and investments casting patterns more quickly and more precisely than ever before.

Stratasys V650 Flex

The Stratasys V650 Flex offers capabilities of stereolithography printing in an open-source, configurable system. No longer are you bound by limited material choices and print controls. Get the speed and precision of SL technology in a system you can tailor to meet your application needs.

Material properties for every application

Stratasys pre-verfied and fine-tuned photopolymer resins provide a four-strong selection of materials optimized to increase productivity, reliability and efficiency.

The Stratasys v650 Flex features an open-vat system, allowing for use of any 355nm resin. Over 150 adjustable parameters ensure print settings are tunable for any job.

Stratasys V650 Flex Quick Specs

Laser Source 355nm, 700mW at 100kHz pulse rate
X/Y Resolution 2000 DPI
Z Resolution 100 μm
Maximum Vat Volume 67 gal
Maximum Vat Build Envelope:

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