Design and Fabrication

Laser Cutters

Trotec laser systems are equipped with innovative and patented CeramiCore laser tubes that improves reliability and engraving quality. The resonator body where the laser radiation is generated is made of 100% ceramic, creating a near perfect seal that increases laser tube longevity.

Speedy 100

Compact and designed to meet the laser engraving and cutting needs of a growing businesses.

  • 24″ x 12″ Work Area
  • 30 – 60W CO2 Laser
  • 20 – 30W Fiber Laser
  • 110 in/sec Head Travel Speed

Speedy 300

Features an increased bed size, a deeper engraving chamber and support for higher power laser tubes.

  • 28.6″ x 17″ Work Area
  • 30 – 120W CO2 Laser
  • 20 – 50W Fiber Laser
  • 140 in/sec Head Travel Speed

Speedy 360

Introduces Trotec’s Multifunctional Bed concept, allowing you to select the best cutting table for any job.

  • 32″ x 20″ Work Area
  • 60 – 120W CO2 Laser
  • 20 – 50W Fiber Laser
  • 140 in/sec Head Travel Speed

Speedy 400

The largest bed size and fastest head travel speeds. Engrave and cut with up to 250 W of laser power.

  • 40″ x 24″ Work Area
  • 60 – 250W CO2 Laser
  • 20 – 50W Fiber Laser
  • 170 in/sec Head Travel Speed

Patented Flexx Technology™ combines CO2 and Fiber laser sources in one machine, allowing the two laser sources to be activated alternately – even within a single job, without manual changing of the laser tube, lens or focus.

Trotec’s InPack Technology ensures all sensitive components of the laser engraver, including lenses, mirrors and motors, are protected against dust.

Speed up your production while improving the quality and precision of the products you sell. Trotec’s expertly produced materials require fewer passes when engraving and post production cleaning is significantly reduced with minimal sticky edges and residue.

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